UI / UX Design

For Industrial Automation

This UI/UX for Industrial Plant - is a work from scratch, creating the logic, flow and visual presence for a client's waste water treatment facility. Monitoring made available with thisprojects falls into three categories:

- HMI (local control at plant site)
- SCADA (control room)
- Online Remote Monitoring (accessible from any authorized PC regardless location)

The actions available in each of this part vary. For example, the HMIs allow only viewing current output data.  SCADA permits to view, analyse, store data and - in emergent situations - modify plant’s performance.
Online Monitoring gives TFE Engineers and Client’s rep's different tiers of access - view only or complete access to all data, plant performance adjustments, control of automated maintenance and other cycles.


Cover the basics

Outline the logic of program. Understand the software that the automation team will use to deploy the design, study limitations and capabilities.
Structure the needs each monitoring platform will have to serve.



Develop a visual prototype for Online Monitoring (most advanced) and HMI Monitoring (least advanced).
Run usability study, with input from engineers & project manager



Prepare graphics, visual elements, guidelines on implementation of the design and logic by automation engineers and programmers



The monitoring software is uploaded cross platform. Further usability study is carried out

Darya Batyr
// aka Dasha Batyreva

Currently Located:
Kuala Lumour, Malaysia