I’m Darya,
Digital Designer based in Asia

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I work on designs for social and ecological difference

And plastic bottles, irrational waste and dated design keep me up at night.

Digital Designer, Social Media explorer & Brand Manager, I am a passionate about all things digital and creative.

I have painted my way through university, encountering all the different fields of design - web, print, UI, social, etc. Putting all the acquired skills to use, I have been a brand manager for over three years, creating or supervising all design work at the company, occasionally venturing into freelance work - creating brochures, profiles and social media campaigns for clients from across the world.

The present portfolio is a glimpse of what has been done to date.

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My Work

In-House Branding & Identity
Design for Print
design for social media
UI/Ux for industrial automation
2d and 3d elements
design for social media
case study

Case Study: UI/UX design for Industrial Automation

The Remote Monitoring for IWWR allows unprecedented access and control over plant; UI/UX used throughout the monitoring elements pays special attention to clarity, ease of comprehension and logic of the process.
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Darya Batyr
// aka Dasha Batyreva

Currently Located:
Kuala Lumour, Malaysia