RainChorus -
Augmented Reality Experience

Concept & Contribution

RainChorus AR is creating an important link between the your kids and the nature by putting the fragile and endangered birds of Borneo right onto your palm. Made possible with the AR technology and Vuforia, RainChorus is delivering a natural and seamless interaction with no need for extra gear. All it takes is a phone and a little curiosity.

I have provided the idea for the project and handled the visual development, UI & UX design and promotion & PR throughout the it; fulfilled the role of creative manager for RainChorus.


To create a simple, clear and well understandable UI & UX for an Augmented Reality project, keeping the need of high contrast in mind to avoid blending in of the UI with background when the camera is active.

Creative Decision

For RainChorus I have created multiple assets, including the markers, package design, and promotional materials aside from the UI & UX.

The visual identity of the app is focused on the hornbill as the main symbol of Sarawak state - Hornbill. As the main marketing banners suggest, the Hornbill is raising from the ashes ans running from the extinction (dark clouds) towards the brighter future.

fig 1 // Package design

fig 2 // Card Markers

fig 3 // Card Markers

User Experience Features

The User Experience of the app is divided into 4 sections: single bird marker based animation, marker puzzle interaction, storybook and mini game.

Bird markers trigger the idle bird animation and let the user 'hold' the bird, turn it around and have a good look at it. Same marker bring up a simple 4 step inforgraphic which tells the basic interesting facts about the species.

Puzzle function works when two markers are paired correctly according to the marker guide. Here, the user can enjoy the more advanced interaction animation, unique for each bird.

Storybook recaps the inforgraphics and visuals from both previous sections and serves as a recollection tool.

The mini game is added to the app to capture attention of the youngest users and motivate them to explore the app for longer time. The game is designed with bold simple 2D graphics and a silhouette of hornbill as the main character (which serves as a link to the markers).

fig 4 // User Experince Flow